Seung Yoon Ryu

Associate Professor
Divison of Display and Semiconductor Physics, Display Convergence
Korea Univ. (Sejong Campus)

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• Date of Birth: Feb 02, 1974






• 2006.3 – 2009.2   Department of Materials Science & Engineering (Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, merged with  Ceramic Engineering),

                               Yonsei University  Ph. D. in Materials Science & Engineering

                               Thesis: “A study on transparent Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)s and the mechanism of current injection”



• 1999.3 - 2001.2   Department of Physics & Applied Physics, Yonsei University M. S. in Physics & Applied Physics

                              Thesis: “A study on the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)s fabricated by Ionized Cluster Beam Deposition (ICBD) and  other methods”



• 1992.3 - 1996.2   Department of Physics, Yonsei University B. S. in Physics






• 2017.9 – Present  Associate Professor in Division of Display and Semiconductor Physics, Display Convergence at Korea Univ. (Sejong Campus) 

                 “OLEDs & OPVs & Stretchable OLEDs”


• 2016.3 – 2017.8  Assistant Professor in Display and Semiconductor Physics Department at Korea Univ. (Sejong Campus) 

                 “OLEDs & OPVs & (a-Si:H, amorphous Silicon) Thin film Solar Cells”

• 2012.9 – 2016.2  Assistant Professor in Department of Information Display at Sunmoon Univ.

                 “Amorphous Silicon Thin film Solar Cells & OPVs & OLEDs”



• 2011.9 – 2012.8  Senior Researcher in Department of Functional Coatings group at KIMS (Korea Institute of Materials Science),

                               한국기계연구원 부설 재료연구소 (KIMS), “Amorphous Silicon Thin film Solar Cells & OPVs & OLEDs”



• 2009.9 – 2011.8  Post Doctoral Researcher in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at UIUC

                               (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Prof. John A. Rogers)

                       “Stretchable Thin film stretchable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery / Stretchable OLEDs”


• 2008.10 – 2009.8  Full-time Researcher & Post Doctoral Researcher at Hanyang University, GRL program with UIUC,

                                “Development of stretchable OLED and SiNWs lateral buckling”


• 2001.1 – 2008.10  Senior Engineer, Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) / Samsung SDI

                          “Development of top emission OLED and process of organic material’s evaporation for mass production line of active matrix OLED 

                                (AMOLED)”, supported by AMOLED Business team, Samsung SMD


• 1996.3 - 1998.6   Mandatory military service as an officer (ROTC)